About - Mikayla Reynaud


Me! My name is Mikayla Reynaud and I am the photographer and creator of Mikayla Reynaud Photography. I graduated with a degree in Anthropology, specifically Zooarchaeology(the study of animals in an archaeological context) and spent the next several years working in the field of archaeology; documenting the stories of those who came before us. But as my passion for travel and stories grew, I became more interested in documenting life happening right now. So I turned in my trowel(tiny shovel) for a camera and the rest is history. I am a self taught special events and nature photographer who can never stay in one place long. My career and passion for travel has lead me across several continents photographing everything from weddings and portraits to African safaris. When I'm not out documenting life, I like to spend my time exploring, camping, horseback riding, fishing or curling up with a cup of hot coco and a great book.


I offer a wide variety of services ranging from weddings and portraits to corporate and sporting events. I also love capturing wildlife and capturing landscapes. In addition to providing quality photography services, I also provide beautiful fine art pieces available for purchase.


Mikayla Reynaud Photography is currently open and taking bookings! Ready to help capture your special moment, whatever it is!


We pride ourselves on how far we will travel to make it to your event(so far the Caribbean is our farthest)! Anywhere and everywhere, but given the current gas prices any places over of an hour in travel time will include additional charges. 


Because why not? Life is too short to not make great memories, but its just long enough for us to forget some of them! That's why we're here! Whether you want a product shot, a newborn, or a wedding, our belief is that every image keeps a moment from turning into simply a memory, but allows it to be relived time and time again.


Whether its a head shot, the graduate, the family dog, or the entire family, a portrait is meant to last a life time, and remind us of those times and people we love. When photographing portraits, my goal is to make the experience and photographs feel as personal and memorable as possible. I do this by trying to incorporate little elements of subjects in their pictures and having them help me in creating this moment. The best reward I can get is if at the end of our shoot, my subject is smiling and feeling better than when we began.

Upper right photo taken by Quinn Vandenberg and middle left photo taken by Travis Goldman.